Touch in Sol Chroma Powder Lip Tint Review

So how exactly does a powder lip tint work? That was my thought when I came across the Touch in Sol Chroma Powder Lip Tint. Of course, I had to try it! Unique, interesting textures and formulations are my faves. This lip tint promises a unique liquid-powder formula which is both moisturizing and vibrant. I’ll be testing and swatching the shade Arya. Let’s get to it!


I love the bright and printed packaging of this product! The golden yellow with multi-color leopard print panel contrasts against the black panels. This product is a Sephora exclusive so the all of the packaging is in English. There is a description and ingredients on the box.



As the name says, the Chroma Tint is definitely a powder! Sephora describes it as a liquid-powder formula but I’d say it is a powder-liquid-powder formula. When applied, it changes from the original powder texture into a liquid (you can feel it becoming moist as you swipe it on) before setting like a powder on your lips. It does take a minute or two to fully set. The formula is unlike anything I’ve ever tried! The shade Arya is a rich pinky-plum matte. The color is pigmented but not completely opaque so, the final color you get will differ depending on your natural lip color. Arya ended up being darker than I expected.

The formula claims to be waterproof. I tested it on my hand and could run water over it without issue. As soon as I wiped it though, the color did smear some but left a stain. Therefore, I’d say it is water resistant but far from waterproof. I had similar results with waterproof testing on my lips.

Original swatch under running water and w/ water drops

Left: Swatch after being rubbed when wet; Right: Final swatch after being dried


lip tint in natural lighting

The look of this product when first applied was interesting to me so I’ll address that first. My lips took on almost an ombré/two tone look. The plum showed on my upper and outer bottom lip, but the very inner portion of my bottom lip remained a deep orchid pink no matter how many layers of product I applied. Naturally, my lips have an ombré shading, but I’ve never seen a product show it like this before! I don’t entirely mind it, but it might not be suitable to everyone. I’ll also add that this effect was worse when my lips were more chapped so exfoliate before putting this baby on.

I was surprised by how non-drying this formula was given its powder consistency. I wouldn’t call it moisturizing, but it didn’t make my lips feel worse than normal. It was incredibly lightweight. I forgot that I had something on my lips for most of the day. Longevity was also a win for the Chroma Tint. It lasted a good 8 hours through pizza, ice cream, and drinking (healthy aren’t I?). It didn’t smear of streak even with the all the grease! I lost a touch of color on my inner lips, but it was barely noticeable. Here are some pics for reference:

Top: Immediately after application; Bottom: End of day

Final Thoughts

I like this product and would consider getting another shade. It works nicely as a matte semi-stain lip tint. It doesn’t live up to its promise of being waterproof but still it didn’t vanish from my lips throughout the day. The inconsistent coloring will def be a drawback for some so keep that in mind. Overall, it’s not a mind-blowing product, but it is fun, innovative, and packs on the color.

Edit: This product is no longer a Sephora exclusive; you can still find it at other retailers though!

Do you have any favorite transforming formula products? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share and subscribe if you like my posts! Until next time bisous!



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