Unsun Cosmetics Mineral Sunscreen Review

Hello again! So clearly time management is not my thing because I’m like 4-5 posts behind. My bad…I’m back though and today I’ll do a brief little review of Unsun Cosmetics Mineral Sunscreen! Unsun is a black-owned sunscreen brand started by Katonya Breaux, Frank Ocean’s mom. It’s tinted and formulated to work on all skin tones especially darker skin tones! I talked a bit before about how everyone including black people need sunscreen even in the winter (and all year really). That’s why it’s so awesome that there are finally some brands that cater to people with some melanin! Let’s get on to the review!

The Unsun sunscreen comes in a simple squeeze bottle. Like most face sunscreens, I’ve found the container is a bit small. I actually like this though! It kind of just lives in my purse now so I can never go out and completely forget it!

It gives a good level of protection with broad spectrum SPF 30. It also provides a light coverage for your skin since it is tinted. I find it to be about as much as a very light BB cream.  I love that it gives a tad of coverage for any dark spots or redness plus sun protection. It’s great for days that I want to skip the makeup, which frankly is most days!

I have a bit of a love, love, eh relationship with the wear of this sunscreen. I adore that it is quite luminous leaving a dewy finish to my skin. I love a good glow! (Don’t love a glow I’ve been able to matte out the finish with a bit of powder) It also makes a pretty nice base for makeup for day I do want to wear makeup. I rarely reach for an additional primer now! Downside for me is the texture. It has almost a paste-like consistency and can be a bit tacky especially when first applied. It’s not the worst thing but still worth noting.

top-bottom: bare face; nothing but sunscreen; sunscreen and powder

Overall, this is a great sunscreen because of the features and being able to support a black-owned brand! You can check out the Unsun Cosmetics site here! What do you look for in a sunscreen? Any other sunscreens you’d like to see a review for? Also if you didn’t already be sure to check out my last post for all the reasons you need sunscreen now and throughout the year! As always thanks for reading and bisous!

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