The Ultimate Beauty ZZZsss: Korean Sleeping Packs

Hello again! Today, I am going to be posting more about Korean skincare specifically what is a sleeping pack. Before being introduced to K-beauty, I had never heard of such a thing. I’ll be honest; I really didn’t do much of anything to my face at night except maybe removing an occasional bit of makeup. However, now I am obsessed with them and am going to share why sleeping packs are so beneficial for your skin. Lastly, I’ll also touch on why night-time skincare is extra helpful for your skin (beauty sleep is a real thing!).

What is a Sleeping Pack

Lioele Sleeping Pack

A Korean sleeping pack is a special moisturizer that you put on as the last step of your skincare at night. Most of them suggest you use them every 2-3 nights in place of your typical night cream. In a way, Korean sleeping packs are like a lightweight night mask: You apply it at night and then rinse it off in the morning prior to your typical skincare routine. Easy, right?

The Difference Between a Sleeping Pack and a Night Cream

Now, you may be thinking, “Isn’t a night cream basically the same thing?” They aren’t. Night creams are meant to be used as an essential daily. I have also found that night creams are just that, creams. They tend to be heavier and more viscous in consistency than a sleeping pack (not a steadfast rule but in general). Sleeping packs tend to have a gel-like almost water type consistency. In essence since they are also a type of thin mask, sleeping packs form a barrier which helps lock moisture into your skin more than a night cream. Therefore, they provide a more concentrated moisturization to your skin. Think of the difference between a night cream and a sleeping pack like the difference between a regular hair conditioner and a deep conditioner. Sleeping packs are a great non-daily addition for when your skin is a bit dry or dull and needs an overnight pick-me-up. I can attest that my skin always looks and feels extra soft and smooth after using one.

Top: Clinique Night Cream
Bottom: Lioele Sleeping Pack

Night-time Skincare Benefits

Now, most of us already know that using skincare of any kind is meant to help our skin out with topical nutrients and other goodies to make our skin as healthy as possible, but did you know that your night-time skincare has a special scientific benefit? It is believed that blood flow in your face actually increases at night. That means that products you apply at night absorb more quickly and can create a greater benefit than they would during the day. Night-time is also when your body is naturally repairing skin cells with the help of proteins so having beneficial ingredients that can be used by these cells is giving your body extra help. So just remember that whole idea of beauty sleep is actually scientific!

That’s all for today’s post! Have you ever tried a sleeping pack? Do you have any secrets for moisturizing extra dry skin? Share your thoughts below! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment, share, and subscribe if you like my posts. Bisous <3


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