GalXE Spotlight: Winky Lux Cosmetics Mini-Haul

Hi beauty fans! Today, I am taking a break from the reviews to do a brand spotlight post! I recently got a mini-haul from a cosmetics brand called Winky Lux. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you need to! Let’s get down to the details of why I am falling in love with this brand as well as a sampling of some of the products they offer! Picture heavy post ahead.

Cuteness Factor

Just look at this packaging!

It is unique, bold, and luxurious. All of their lip velours come packaged in a metallic, pill inspired tube. Their lip glosses are incredibly adorable too including the poodle decoration. Even the box they sent everything in was decorated with a cute floral label.


I have already tried the products I bought (and will be doing separate reviews later ­čśë ) and am very impressed with the quality. The lip velours are true to color, apply smoothly, and only need one swipe to achieve full opacity. The Rainbow Brow Palette colors are crazy pigmented (and can be used as eye shadows) and the Glossy Boss lip gloss smells like candy coated heaven! Their quality is definitely on par with that of more expensive brands which leads to the next point:


Affordability is one of the key goals for this brand. Their aim is to deliver luxury quality at a drugstore price. At $14 for their lip velours, I’d say Winky Lux is pretty close.

In conjunction with the lower than luxury price, you also get a cruelty free and USA made product! I love that you can get their products inexpensively and not feel bad or concerned about how or where they were made.

Fun, Flirty, & Bold Sensibility

The packaging alone shows a bit of this but also the products too. With a range of both sultry and eye catching unconventional colors, Winky Lux has their beauty basics, and then some, covered. They also do limited edition collabs to keep things fresh and they encourage you to shout out on social media (Each product comes with its own personal hashtag)!

I also love that they use a poodle as their brand mascot. I didn’t even have a thing for poodles before, but their explanation for the choice is on point:

“We wanted the standard poodle to be our mascot because she embodies how we feel about┬áthe brand (did you know that the┬ástandard poodle is actually a hunting┬ádog). She’s highly intelligent, loyal, playful, beautiful and requires lots of grooming. Nothing standard about that!” (Winky Lux, About Us)

Now that’s a brand mascot I can relate to!

Product Picks:

Matte Lip Velours

If you should try one thing from the Winky Lux brand, it should be their matte lip velours. I adore them! They come in a  range of colors, but they all have a gorgeous smooth matte finish. (Review here!)

Rainbow Brow Palette

This product is fun but definitely not for those wanting to avoid the spotlight. Want to jump on the colored brow trend? This palette offers 4 bright colors and a brow wax to help you out. Use one of the colors alone or all of them in order to get the full rainbow effect! (Review here)

Glossy Boss

Winky Lux‘s Glossy Boss lip colors are so cute. They smell amazing, have adorable packaging, and come in a range of colors including shines and shimmers!

Final Thoughts

I have a feeling this brand is going to become one of my go-tos. Their Mermaid Lip Velour is already one of my new favorites and I have my eye on a couple of more! You can check out Winky Lux’s website here.

Have you already tried Winky Lux? Which product would you love to try? Let me know in the comments and check back for individual Winky Lux reviews to come later! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share and subscribe! Also check out my Instagram for more goodies! Bisous!

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed above are genuine and my own. I am not affiliated with Winky Lux and was neither commissioned nor received any benefit in exchange for posting this. They are just a relatively new brand that I am super impressed with and I wanted to give them a beauty shout out! All of the products were purchased by me ­čÖé



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