Review: Winky Lux Rainbow Brow Palette

Hi again! Today, we are going to be stepping into the world of rainbow brights with my review of the Winky Lux Rainbow Brow Palette! It comes as a collection of 4 bright colors to help you achieve a fun colorful look for your brows. I’ll be going over all the colors and showing pictures of how the rainbow brow looks when finished. Let’s get to it!


The palette comes in a sleek white and gold case with the Winky Lux name on the front. On the inside the colors are framed by a reflective gold background. The case also has a full mirror of decent quality inside the lid. It is quite lightweight and isn’t the sturdiest feeling, but I haven’t had any issues with the functionality of it.

The box which the palette comes in has a lovely floral pattern as well as a brief description and full ingredient list on the back. Overall, it is simple and inexpensive yet pretty and functional.


The palette comes with four colors, a brow wax, and an angled application brush. The colors in order are Cyrus, a vibrant blue, Doll, a hot pink, Fire, a true bright orange, and Sunshine, a true to its name yellow. The included brow wax is clear which helps bring out the colors when applied. The included brush is of decent quality. I like the the size of it because it allows for both a wider and more precise application. Each of the colors has great pigmentation. They are completely matte and can also be used separately as eye shadows. Their consistency is a bit powdery overall with Sunshine being the worst offender in that regard. When applying to the brows this is less of an issue though.


natural light
with flash


It was a bit easier to create the rainbow effect than I thought. You will have to mix the colors to achieve a true ROYGBIV effect which I didn’t do, but applying the four colors as presented was quite simple. I would suggest using a separate brush to apply the wax and the colors. If you don’t, the first colors might cling in the wax and muddle the other colors throughout the application.

When applied to the brows, the wear of these colors is superb! They didn’t fade throughout the day and stayed in place. Not sure that brow wax ever moves but still. I have also applied them as eye shadows and they work decently for that as well. As eye shadows they do fade slightly after a few minutes, but then retain the same level of pigment after that. As extremely vibrant somewhat chalky mattes, be aware they are difficult to blend. Overall, they wear well and their versatility is a nice bonus.

Final Thoughts

I like this palette. It offers an all in one package to achieve some fun vibrant looks. I would definitely recommend it if you want to add some color to your brows. The fact that the colors double as eye shadow is a definite perk. It won’t be to everyone’s taste but if it is your sort of thing, I would say go for it!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my review for Winky Lux’s Matte Lip Velours here. Have you tried any of Winky Lux’s products? What do you think of the recent eye brow trends? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Until next time bisous!


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