Who Is She Cosmetics Lip Composite Review & Swatches

If you are a lover of unique lip colors, then this post is for you! I having been following Who Is She Cosmetics on Instagram for a while now and have been obsessed with their beautiful swatch videos. I’m super excited to have finally gotten my hands on some of their products. Who Is She Cosmetics is most known for their signature Lip Composites™. The brand describes them as part lip gloss, part lipstick, and part lip stain. I will be swatching and testing three colors in their Lip Composites: Caspian Sea, Dragon Slayer, and Silent Rose! Let’s get to the details!


The packaging is very simple and understated. Each of the Lip Composites comes in a small clear rectangular pot with a black lid. The curved edges give it a bit more of a modern aesthetic. The Who Is She Cosmetics logo is on the top and the ingredients list is on the bottom. Overall there is nothing exciting about it. I do, however, like the ease of identifying the color since the exterior is see through. I have kept them stacked on my armoire since getting them!

Edit: WISC has since upgraded their packaging to a larger size and different shape, which means more product! The pictures in this post show the old packaging.


Each of the colors I chose is gorgeous! I love them all for different reasons! Dragon Slayer, I would say, is the most unique. It has a deep brownish-red base and has a green/blue iridescence depending on the light. Caspian Sea is a rich multi-dimensional medium blue which can take on a purple-ish sheen from different angles. Silent Rose is a beautiful peachy rose color. All of them look lighter on me than they do inside the pot, but beautiful none the less.

The formula for the lip composites is great! It appears very thick in the container and on the brush. It applies very smoothly and doesn’t feel heavy though. I wouldn’t say that any of the colors are fully opaque, but the color payoff is lovely with all of them. My lips didn’t feel sticky when wearing it, yet the formula remains glossy and smooth. I can definitely understand why they are described as part gloss and part lipstick. Any bare spots from transfer can be remedied by rubbing your lips together. Having said that, it’s a good time to mention that Who Is She Cosmetics makes it very clear that none of their lip composites are transfer proof. So these are amazing for girls night out, date night not so much!



Dragon Slayer


Caspian Sea
Silent Rose



I’ve really enjoyed the wear of these. As I’ve already mentioned, they aren’t transfer proof. But even if the glossy portion rubs or transfers off, a wash of color still stays on your lips. With that being said, I’ve worn all of the colors and none of them lost their gloss or came off entirely throughout the day. Given their texture and sheen, I’m impressed! Check out my after application and end of day pics with Silent Rose that were taken about 7 hours apart eating and drinking included.

Immediately after application
End of day

Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend these for anyone who loves a glossy lip in unique colors! The color payoff is gorgeous. All of the colors I tried look amazing (and WISC has a ton more). The only downside is that they aren’t transfer proof. Still they have excellent staying power. You can find the whole range of Who Is She Cosmetics Lip Composites here and their full product range here!

Do you have a favorite dual-function lip product? Would you try any of the Lip Composites from Who Is She Cosmetics? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Until next time bisous!





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