My YesStyle Fashion Haul Review/Experience & Fashion Pics!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry that I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues in the beginning of this year and some personal stuff as well. I’m hoping to be on here a bit more now that I’m feeling better. I’m still trying to balance this with running my Etsy store so we’ll see! 🙂

That being said, I’ve been slowly adding more fashion content to my Instagram and I thought it would be fun to do a fashion post on here too. I’ll be sharing my experience buying clothes from YesStyle for the first time as well as sharing my thoughts on the products and some pics of how I’d wear them! Not all of these items are still for sale, but I hope it’s still a fun post that gives you an idea for a few brands on YesStyle and the overall shopping experience. Let’s get to it!

SS from YesStyle Homepage

For those that don’t know, YesStyle is a fashion and beauty site based out of Hong Kong. Think Amazon Fashion but with mostly Asian vendors + makeup and skincare. The hardest thing about shopping YesStyle is the multitude of options! I had to go through a lot of stuff to find things that 1.) I thought would fit me and 2.) that I thought would have decent quality for the price. YesStyle offers a lot of items from different brands/vendors so all items for the site are not created equal. Generally if a price seems too good to be true it usually is! They do have a review feature so that can make it a bit easier to weed out some of the low quality things. I finally settled on a graphic cropped hoodie, crop pants with a pleat detail, a printed sweater/top, and a cute beanie (as well as new cleanser for full disclosure of all that came in the package)!

After picking my items, the overall checkout and delivery process was easy but required patience. A few of the items I ordered had to be sent to YesStyle from the vendor. They had a wait time of 1-2 weeks. Since I took advantage of the Free Shipping with minimum purchase amount, all my items were to be shipped at the same time. It took the whole two weeks for my items to get to YesStyle but when they were all sent out, the shipping was surprisingly quick! My package arrived from Hong Kong in about 10 days (I live on the East Coast, USA). The one downside was that the tracking number didn’t work until  my items arrived in the US so there was a gap for a few days. Other than that the process was great!

Let’s talk about the clothes now!

Pleated Pants

These pants were listed as being from Jolly Club. I had been nervous to try these, because I’ve heard clothing from Asia runs small and I was not sure my booty/hips would fit; the sizing only went up to medium. For reference, my measurements are 37 inch bust, 29 inch waist, 40 inch hips (94/73.7/101.6 in cm). I’m so glad I got them though because they are super cute! The fabric is stretchy so that definitely helped. They are still a bit tight through the hip (you can see the pockets don’t lay flat), but that’s not a big deal to me. Also the fact that they have pockets is a huge bonus because POCKETS!!!

The pleating detail is beautiful and survived being shipped internationally.

I’ve never owned anything like these and I see myself wearing them with my full array of crop tops! #croptops4life Another bonus of these is that they are quite well made for the price point.

I also think these would be cute with a cropped cami/tank and a denim jacket with some sneakers.

Graphic Hoodie

A cute hoodie is a staple that I’ve been missing in my wardrobe. I decided to try this one listed from Moon City because the white would be a nice contrast to denim or black bottoms (my usual go-to picks). I love it! The fit is good overall especially for a one size item. The sleeves don’t come down as far as I would like. I have long arms though. The fact that the sleeves velcro off right around the elbow makes up for it! It creates a really unique look.

The one major downside is that this isn’t a functional hoodie. There is no way I could put this tiny “hood” over my head and not look ridiculous!

The quality of this piece is a little sub par. The velcro ends fray and the fabric is a bit thin. Overall, this hoodie is an aesthetic win but the quality/function isn’t great. I love it just for the look though! I can wear this with just about anything. I’m definitely feeling leather in the winter as pictured (I took these pictures weeks ago) and short shorts with garters and sneakers in the summer!

Printed Sweater with Mesh Detail

I was a little on the fence with this piece from QZ Lady. It already had some great reviews so I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did! It is sooo comfy and warm! The interior of the fabric has a slight but very thin almost fleece feel.

It fits perfectly for a one size item! I had to trim some of the excess mess around the seam by the sheer neckline.

Otherwise, it is great. The mesh detail adds a bit of allure which I am always here for! This piece is still for sale as of this writing here.

Quote Beanie

What can I say? It’s warm, it’s well made, and it has a Mean Girls quote. That’s all! I love it! You can still find it being sold as of this writing here from Buttercap!

Final Thoughts/Tips

Overall, I’m pleased with both my experience ordering from and the items from YesStyle! I would buy items from any of these brands again.

A lot of people can be suspicious of sites like YesStyle, but you can find some good stuff if you shop around and are thoughtful. Just with any online shopping, it’s important to read the descriptions, read the reviews, and not fall for the hype of an unrealistically cheap item. Be sure to compare brand and item reviews with sites that have multiple vendors. Check the size descriptions. YesStyle has a great tool where you can convert your measurements into centimeters if you are from the U.S. like me. Also look for looser fits and/or stretchy fabrics if you aren’t super thin. If you have Paypal, use it. It’ll give you an extra layer of protection in the case something goes wrong with your order.

BONUS TIP: When shopping for cosmetics and skincare on YesStyle, always specifically search an item by name after you’ve found one you like. Sometimes since they both source directly and from vendors, makeup and skincare are often listed multiple times at different prices for the exact same item! Double check before buying to make sure you are getting the best deal!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and description for some of the YesStyle items! Have you ever bought clothing from them? What was your experience? Would you be interested in me doing more fashion posts in the future? Let me know in the comments! As always thanks for reading and until next time bisous!









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